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        Kobudo is an integrated system of fight techniques, in which are used techniques with weapons and empty hand techniques alike. In Japanese, "ko" means "old" and "budo", martial arts.
       Kobudo is a discipline which is more and more popular in the entire world through karate people who are returning to the roots, to the old forms of the art, which they practice.
       Kobudo had developed as a self-defence art, in Okinawa's history, ever since the island was subdued and the weapons were forbidden. With their typical ingenuity, the owinawan people learnt how to fight without weapons or with unconventional weapons, which first were farming tools: bo, nunchaku, tonfa, kama.

       Sai is a weapon made up of iron and it has a cylindrical form and a length of 40 cm and a "U" form guard. It was used in the past by the officials in arresting the criminals, in controlling the crowd, and as a weapon against the sword and other types of unconventional weapons. It was the most developed weapon from this group.

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       Bo is a stick made up of wood, has 1.8 m, long, and 2.5 cm diameter, lightly thinned at both edges. It was used as a carrying tool, in the household, and as a weapon when it was necessary. In Okinawa there are more than 10 variants of bo art.
       Nunchaku is a pair of sticks made up of solid wood, which are united by a string. It was used for tacking to pieces the rice. The centrifugal force produced by his rotation, makes from it a veritable weapon.
       The restrain of a nunchaku needs a long practice.

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       Tonfa  refers to 2 rectangular pieces, made up of solid wood, each being approximately 40 cm long with a catching area. It can be used for self-defence or for attacking by rotating, striking and pushing.
       With its help, the wheel which turned the rice grain into meal, was rotating.

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       Kama is a tool used at the reaping of rice ears. It is used even today in Okinawan farms.
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       These tools became frightened weapons thanks to their special historical conditions through which Okinawa had passed.